Transform your Life and Embrace your Journey with Mary Beth Sellars

I help women redefine their future in their relationship with themselves and their loved ones.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and true fulfillment?

Are you at a crossroads in life, yearning for change, or perhaps seeking deeper connections and purpose? You're not alone. Many women find themselves in moments of reflection, seeking clarity and direction.

I am dedicated to helping women like you navigate the twists and turns of life with confidence and grace. With a unique blend of warmth, expertise, and insight, I create a sanctuary for personal growth.

Imagine a place where your innermost feelings, dreams, and fears are heard and understood. A place where you can reflect and realign to

Awaken the Vibrant woman within you.

Life is a Series of Experiences, Each Offering Unique Lessons and Opportunities

Guiding you through life's varied experiences, I help you embrace challenges and opportunities wholeheartedly. Whether you're navigating career transitions, relationship hurdles, bouts of self-doubt, or seeking deeper fulfillment, our coaching equips you to confidently chart and tread your desired path.

Discover clarity, craft your journey forward.

Services to Guide & Ignite:

Private Coaching

Dive deep into a personalized coaching experience with Mary Beth. Whether you're facing pivotal life transitions, seeking clarity, or aiming to break free from limiting beliefs, private coaching offers a bespoke journey. With one-on-one sessions, you'll receive undivided attention, custom strategies, and consistent support to navigate your path to personal and professional growth.


Join a community of like-minded individuals in a dynamic workshop setting. Mary Beth curates immersive sessions, blending spiritual wisdom with contemporary techniques. These workshops are designed to ignite your inner potential, enhance self-awareness, and offer practical tools. Participants often find the collective energy and shared experiences immensely enriching, amplifying the transformative effects.


Witness the power of words as Mary Beth takes the stage, captivating audiences with her insights on faith, self-growth, and modern empowerment. Drawing from her vast coaching experience and personal journey, her speaking engagements offer a mix of motivational narratives, actionable takeaways, and thought-provoking ideas. Whether it's a seminar, conference, or a corporate event, her voice resonates, inspiring change and sparking introspection.

Step Forward with Purpose and determination. Which path calls to you?

Discover Transformative Journeys: Real Stories, Real Results

Unlock the potential that awaits you!

Mary Beth Sellars has passionately guided countless individuals through their unique paths of self-growth and realization.

Your journey towards self-fulfillment is just a click away.

What Clients Are Saying

Hi , I'm Mary Beth Sellers

My husband, Chip, and I have been married for 26 years, and we’re blessed with two plus one amazing children. Our oldest is married to a wonderful man (our plus one) and has given us our first grandchildren. Our second child is in college and finding his way in the world.

Several years ago, I found myself at a crossroads of sorts, “What do I want the rest of my life to look like? How do I want to experience the changes of children growing up?” I hired a life coach and life unfolded into this exciting adventure with miracles and opportunities to grow showing up every day. Transformation occurred in every area of my life; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I know it sounds like the end all be all, but doing this transformational work changed every relationship I have. Because I changed.

Ready to Blend Scripture's Wisdom with Modern Insights for Your Ultimate Transformation?

As a Christian life coach,  I use the wisdom of scripture along with current neuroscience and cognitive awareness methods to help you become more aware of the thoughts that do not serve you. You begin to take them captive then renew them.

Then YOU get to live your life as your highest self. We will do this sacred work together so that you can live the most abundant life YOU can create.

Awaiting the joy of witnessing your tranformation.

Embark on a 12-week Transformational Workshop

Journey with Mary Beth Sellars over a transformative 12-week experience, specifically designed to lead you through the layers

of self-awareness, empowerment, and spiritual growth. As weeks unfold, you'll uncover deep insights,

develop actionable strategies, and experience personal breakthroughs.

Whether you're seeking clarity on life transitions, aiming to enhance your personal and professional relationships, or yearning for spiritual fulfillment, this workshop series offers a comprehensive approach to holistic self-improvement. Dive deep and grow exponentially.

Emerge with a renewed sense of purpose.

Could this be your turning point?

Are you ready to leap into a brighter, bolder chapter of your life? Dive in deeper, and let's co-create your narrative of renewal and growth.